Sold out! Knees up in a Notts Brewery! 
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We're rather excited about our special Christmas gig on 20th December 2019. The Activators, an amazing audience, in a  boutique brewery...what could possibly go wrong?

Back at The Magic Garden

The Activators return to one of our favourite London venues on 22nd February 2020

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Get Down to Guildford

We can wait to play again at the legendary Star in Guildford on Saturday 28th March 2020

The Activators Album Cover
6 TRACK CD - last few copies left

Got your copy of 'Hanging with the Hoi Polloi' yet? 

Contact us  - £5.00 (plus p&p).

Also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

The Joy of Chaos...welcome to the world of the Activators!

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